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What Amorini users think about this product...

"Amorini is incredible"


"One thing I wasn't aware of before having my first child, was how much breastfeeding would hurt. My nipples were cracked, bleeding and extremely sore. I almost gave up. The only thing that gave me a little comfort was the cooling gel pads. I tried to wear them all the time. They would inevitably get, stuck to something while I was nursing and I would find them everywhere, as they really aren't reusable. 

My friend introduced me to Amorini with my second born and they have been incredible! They are washable, the metal provides comfort because they are naturally cool to the touch, and when breastmilk pools in them, the milk actually heals chapped nipples! This has made nursing my second born so much easier and now I can have the ultimate bonding experience with my baby without the discomfort."


- Jennifer J.

Aliso Viejo, California


"Amorini saved our breastfeeding relationship"


"These wonderful silver discs have saved our breastfeeding relationship. There were times I thought we wouldn't make it through the cracked, sore and bleeding nipples but Amorini came to the rescue. The silver of the discs provided the healing we needed to continue breastfeeding to this day at 14 months. I'm not sure when I'll stop breastfeeding my first born but I do know that I will use these for years to come with my future children and I definitely tell other moms about them."


- Cynthia C.

Irvine, California


"Amorini is surprisingly comfortable to wear"


"I first started using Amorini during a medically prescribed breastfeeding hiatus due to overly sore and cracked nipples. Amorini is surprisingly comfortable to wear under my bra. Using Amorini seems to have increased my milk supply, which had started to dwindle due to my need to pump rather than breastfeed. Using the Amorini had the additional benefit of keeping my medication on my nipples all day, rather than wiping off upon coming into contact with my bra or nursing pads. After wearing Amorini for a couple weeks in conjunction with my medication, the cracks seemed to be healing and the overall condition of my nipples improved. I look forward to being able to breastfeed again."


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Rene B.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Long Beach, California


"I am truly grateful for finding Amorini!"


"Amorini made it possible for me to continue breastfeeding, and enjoy it! Within days of coming home from the hospital, I experienced cracks and blisters due to my baby's shallow latch. Amorini served as an additional healing barrier between me and the rough clothing while using my own breastmilk to continually keep my breasts moisturized. The silver shields were extremely comfortable to wear, especially since they were so discreet inside my nursing bras and tanks. I am truly grateful for finding Amorini!"


                         - Melissa T. 

          New York, New York

"The Most Amazing Product"

"This is the most amazing product!!!! I stumbled upon these while following a new mom group on Instagram who snapped a picture of your booth at some sort of fair they were hosting.  It sounded from your website like these would work, and since I was a few months pregnant and terrified of breastfeeding, I decided to try them without any personal recommendations which is not my norm.  I am so glad I did!  I've heard horror stories of cracking and bleeding - everyone said it would just be a matter of time - but I wore these around the clock starting the day after my son was born and never experienced any of that.  I was never even tempted to try any of the samples of lanolin that I had laying around, because these kept everything moist and prevented rubbing.  I won't say that i was completely pain free at the height of getting used to breastfeeding (around 2-3 weeks), but I WAS ALWAYS COMPLETELY PAIN FREE between feedings.  I thought I would hate breastfeeding but I absolutely love it, and I think these heavily contributed to that.  My son is about 4 months now and I wore them until he was 2 months.  In the mean time I've recommended them to several girlfriends who are expecting, just bought them as a gift for my sister-in-law who gave birth to her 2nd yesterday and really struggled with the pain of feeding her 1st, told my doctor to recommend them to all her patients (she was so curious about them - i think she ordered a pair for the office to show patients), and one of my best friends who works in the NICU at (a Children's Hospital) has been recommending them to her patient's moms who struggle.  If it wasn't such a personal topic I'd post it all over social media too...every new mom needs these!!!  You guys need to get into Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us - these should be a registry must-have."



- Sara G

Chicago, IL.



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