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Below are some Frequently asked Questions about Amorini.



I am allergic to silver jewelry, does that mean I am going to be allergic to Amorini?


Silver jewelry is often an alloy of Silver and Nickel. Nickel allergy is one of the most common skin allergies. Most people that are allergic to Silver jewelry are actually allergic to Nickel.


Amorini does not contain Nickel.


How do I use Amorini?


Place Amorini Nipple Soothers™ directly on the nipple. Your bra will keep them in place.


For best results and optimal adherence to the nipple express one drop of breast milk in the silver nipple soothers before applying.


Can I wear Amorini while using absorbing breast pads?


Yes. Place Amorini directly on your nipple, and use your breast pads and bra as you usually do.


How do I clean Amorini?


We recommend cleaning the Amorini with a baking soda and water paste. We advise you to clean Amorini before its first use and as necessary during the breastfeeding period. Do not disinfect Amorini with harsh chemicals; it may damage the silver.

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Is Amorini available in different sizes?


No. Amorini is available in a universal size specifically shaped to fit most types and nipple sizes.


When should I start using Amorini?


We suggest you start using Amorini as soon as you start breastfeeding.


Are there studies around the uses of Silver in medicine?


Silver's antibacterial, antimicrobial an healing properties have been researched extensively for centuries. Here are only a few publications and studies available, however most studies have limited access and request a payment to be accessed.




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